Frequently Asked Questions (work in progress--you folks ask a lot of questions!)

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Do you make your own ice cream?
            Yep. Everything is made in the kitchen at our East Nashville location.

Do you take debit/credit cards?
            We do! And we'll even give your card back to you!
 Do you sell gift cards/certificates?
          Yep! And in any denomination! Want to treat your friend to a single scoop, or feel the need to get that Employee of the Month $20 worth of their favorite treat? We can do it!

What’s your best seller?
    That would certainly be Trailer Trash.

What’s in the Trailer Trash?
            It’s our Vanilla with pieces of Oreos, Twix, Butterfinger, Snickers, M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, and Crunch Bars. Some are chopped, some are sliced, and others are added and eaten by the handful.

We're on 12th Avenue South but we can't get over to 11th Avenue to visit you! Can you help us?
          Absolutely; cross the river! Nashville is confusingly simple: all numbered streets WEST of the river are Avenues, and all numbered streets EAST of the river are Streets.
 So we crossed the river, but we've circled Five Points three times already and STILL can’t find you. Where exactly are you located?
            We’re at 114 South 11th Street. More specifically, we’re a block south of Woodland Street, right next door to Beyond The Edge Sports Bar & Grill, and across the street from both Fanny’s House of Music and I Dream of Weenie. We're in the same house as Fairytales, and we have the string of lights around our porch sign--NO MORE EXCUSES!!!
What is the derivative of 6x^4+9x^3-2x^2+13x?
Do you offer tours?
    We don’t normally. We try to keep things Wonka as best we can.

Do you have any non-dairy options?

            We try to keep at least one sorbet in our case at both locations at any given time. Furthermore, we tend to make more sorbets the warmer it gets.

 Are you guys hiring?

     We are a seasonal operation, which means that we have a bunch of scoopers in the summer, and very few in the winter. While we always retain as many of last year's scoopers as we can, not everyone returns, so it never hurts to drop off your resume or fill out an application; we might actually call you back when you least expect it


Is the Hulkamania poster in your East Nashville shop for sale?
    Absolutely not! To Mikie Danger, it is a priceless piece of art!


Pied Piper Creamery 114 South 11th St. Nashville, TN 37206